Purchase Agreement

This is a purchase agreement for photos licensed on RealStockPhotos.com

1. All images on RealStockPhotos are the exclusive copyright of Tyler Olson.

2. Each use of an image requires a unique license.If you wish to use an image for project A as well as project B, you will need to purchase two separate licenses.

3. Purchase of a regular royalty free license grants you the right to use the image:

a.As part of a web design or layout in a resolution no larger than 1000 pixels in any direction. The image may not be included in a photo gallery, album or collection of images.

b.As part of an e-mail for an opt-in email list.

c.In software as an illustration, design element, splash screen header etc. as long as the image is not able to be separated from the software or incorporated into works produced by the software (such as a multi-media presentation)

d.In power point presentations, tutorials, video, film, ebooks, or other multi-media applications.

e.As a print or poster for your own personal use or as a single print in a business or office. If you wish to sell the image as a print you will need to purchase an extended license.

f.In advertising, printed media, magazines, newspapers, textbooks, book covers, pamphlets, business cards, product packaging etc, as long as the photo is not the primary feature of the printed media (such as a post card)

4. All other uses are not allowed under the standard royalty free license.

If you wish to use an image in a manner not described above you may need to purchase an extended license or contact us with your inquiry.


5. Sell any image as part of a print-on-demand product such as a poster, post-card, t-shirt, mouse pad or underwear.Such a use requires an extended license.

6. Use an image in a way that it infringes on a third party's trademark or intellectual property.

7. Use an image in a way that portrays the model in an embarrassing or negative manner.Examples of such uses are within the subject matter of (but are not limited to): pornography, 'adult themed' businesses or websites, sex chat lines, anything illegal, abortion, drinking or smoking, escort or dating services, political endorsements, pharmaceutical products.

8. Share the images with another person.

9. Use the images as part of a web-template where the images are included as part of the template.

10. Use any image as part of your trademark or logo.

11. Use the image in a manner giving the impression it was created by you or another person.

12. Share your user information with another person - allowing two people to download images from one account.

You Warrant and Represent that:

a. All information submitted by you in regards to your account is complete and accurate.

b. You are responsible for the activities of your account.

c. You agree that you will not have more than one account on RealStockPhotos.com

d. You are 18 years or older.

e. If you are creating and using an account on behalf of a company or your employer that you have full right and authority to do so.

Credit Attributions and Copyright Notices for Editorial Uses of Images

a. If an image is used in an editorial fashion, a link back to RealStockPhotos.com must be added where appropriate and credit give to Tyler Olson / RealStockPhotos

b. If an image is used in TV, film or any multi-media project, credit should be given to Tyler Olson / RealStockPhotos where appropriate and applicable.

13. In the event of breach of contract, RealStockPhotos reserves the right to terminate a users account.

14. RealStockPhotos grants no rights and makes no representations or warranties with respect to the use of any products, architecture, trademarks, logotypes, or copyrighted designs or artwork

depicted in any Image. It is your responsibility to assure that your use of the image does not breach a third party's intellectual property rights.

quality, performance and use of the Image(s) is solely with you.

15. You understand that you should seek legal counsel before using images in connection with any other commercial purposes.

16. In no event shall RealStockPhoto's liability to you be more than the amount spent on licensing an image.

17. If you are being nasty and using a stolen credit card or fraudulent funds, we will promptly file a complaint with www.ic3.gov, the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a partnership between the

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center.